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Electric toothbrush with epoxy resin

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  The electric toothbrush also needs dispensing. The glue is epoxy resin glue. After dispensing, the toothbrush can have waterproof effect and has protective effect on internal parts. Dispensing can improve the product quality of electric toothbrush, but the process demand will be higher. Only by choosing suitable automatic dispensing machine can we meet the dispensing conditions and meet the requirements of lines, dots and curves 。
  The electric toothbrush dispensing mainly points the gaps and decorative covers on both sides. The epoxy resin dispensing machine produced by our company can be used. Due to the use of one-component glue and low complexity, the desktop automatic dispensing machine can meet the requirements, and the technical requirements are not very high. The manufacturing of suitable dispensing fixture and dispensing valve can directly carry out the dispensing of electric toothbrush, and the speed and precision requirements can be met Satisfied.
  After the machine dispensing, manual bonding ensures that the electric toothbrush is installed well before the glue is dry, and the sealing property is ensured. Using the epoxy resin glue dispensing valve produced by our company, the sealing requirements of the electric toothbrush can be met, and the waterproof effect is good, which will not cause water to enter the toothbrush interior when brushing teeth, and the gluing effect is very obvious.
  Our company not only produces epoxy resin glue dispensing machine, but also automatic screw locking machine. All the screws in the internal circuit board of electric toothbrush are made by our company. With the automatic screw locking machine, small screws can also be made. It has the function of automatic sequence, automatic taking of screws, automatic completion of screw punching task, and the finished product is finished. At the same time, it can be used for screwing and dispensing. The magnetic core bonding is also completed by the epoxy resin dispensing valve produced by our company. There are many application industries for a machine, not only for the dispensing of electric toothbrush, but also for many industries that need epoxy resin glue. Basically, our machines can be used.