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Capacitor glue filling

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  Our company has developed a full-automatic glue filling machine, which is specially used for capacitor glue filling. If single component glue or two-component glue are used, the pouring effect can be controlled and the better effect will be obtained. In accordance with the characteristics and requirements of the products, the corresponding pouring accessories can meet the requirements of double liquid pouring sealant, and there will be good core technology to speed up the production of products.
  Potting glue has a wide range of applications. Because it is a two-component glue, it is necessary to match the appropriate machine according to the glue proportion and product demand. For example, in the electric toothbrush dispensing and magnetic core bonding, the two industries are different, and the glue application will be different. The former uses epoxy resin glue, the latter uses potting glue, which is a 3:1 mixed proportion of glue, two kinds of dispensing methods, two kinds of glue According to the requirements of the industry, we can manufacture suitable full-automatic glue filling machine.
  The technical requirements for magnetic core bonding are not very high. It is the same as capacitor glue filling, but the glue is different. The same type of technology can be selected. Multi axis full-automatic glue pouring machine is adopted, and four glue filling valves are used at the same time. Aiming at the product, pouring at one time can make the production speed fast. The machine solves the problem that the manual can not guarantee the quality. Using the machine is to guarantee the quality. Why say so, because pouring The adhesive effect machine can do the same work circularly, but it can't be done manually. Therefore, the epoxy resin dispensing machine is an inevitable product. However, it needs to be aimed at the production volume of the manufacturer. The daily use is very large, and the full-automatic can be used, and the semi-automatic can be used generally.
  The electric toothbrush dispensing machine will use epoxy resin glue dispenser, but this is a single component glue, and the use requirements are not very high. Desktop machines can complete it. For the two-component glue like potting glue, full-automatic glue pouring machine is required. Glue mixing and mixing are required. Otherwise, it can not meet the requirements of capacitor glue filling. If the glue is not mixed evenly, there will be some gum Quantity.