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Solar panel dispensing

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  The solar panel needs to be glued and fixed on the back plate. The plane installation mode is to increase the heating area as much as possible. Due to the problems of product materials and application environment, the requirements for glue are very high. It should not only have good bonding effect, but also meet the high temperature conditions. Otherwise, it can not be used as glue for solar panel glue. Our company and glue factory jointly developed a special application Solar panel glue dispensing glue, with our company's desktop gluing machine, to meet the needs of solar cells.
  The dispensing effect is determined by the machine and glue. In short, if there is no suitable machine, the high-quality dispensing effect can not be achieved. If there is no glue, the quality will be unqualified, and the dispensing effect will not work. Why does our company develop new glue mainly to achieve better dispensing. Our company has been connected to the solar panel dispensing project before, However, we couldn't solve the problem of glue. We contacted the glue manufacturer to develop new glue together. Finally, we finished today, which can realize the dispensing of solar panel.
  Solar cell dispensing is mainly applied glue on the back plate of solar cell, and then bonded to the adhesive tape, It takes five minutes to solidify. After dispensing, it can be placed on the splint to wait for natural solidification. This is how the whole solar panel dispensing process is. The gluing position is the desktop gluing machine step. In fact, the implementation is relatively simple. There will be a special fixed fixture, and the solar panel can be placed on the working platform, and the machine will automatically glue Remove the product manually.
  Table top gluing machine is a double position gluing equipment, which can place products left and right, and use the time difference method. For example, the time difference is very obvious. When you click Y1 product, Y2 will be idle. Now you can take the product or place it. After Y1 finishes dispensing, you can carry out Y2 product dispensing. At this time, you have time to take Y1 product and place it again, which can save a lot of time.