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Types of glue available in market automatic dispenser

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  There are many types of glue, including silica gel, hot melt adhesive, instant drying adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, crystal glue, etc. These are still the distinguishing features. There are 20 or 30 kinds of silica gel, and each type may have some differences. If the glue type is matched, it is based on the glue demand of the product and the characteristics of the glue, then the appropriate glue can be selected At present, the proper glue is selected according to this method.
  Silicone will be used in solar cell glue filling. This product is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high viscosity. In view of this type of demand, our company and glue have developed a special silica gel, which meets the above characteristics and has a good bonding effect. It can solve the technical requirements of solar cells for glue, but it is a single component glue, which has good effect A number of manufacturers have used it. They all show that the effect of glue and desktop gluing machine is very good. The glue bonding effect is good, and the machine gluing is uniform and fast, which lays the foundation for desktop gluing machine in solar cells.
  Special silica gel can also be used for glue coating of solar junction box. The silicone coating will be soft and has good sealing effect. If it is extruded well, it will have good sealing effect. It can realize water-proof and sun drying without melting. It will have a very good effect. It can fundamentally solve the gluing requirements. The two products use the same glue, and do not need better machines, just use desktop type gluing Machine, replace the fixed fixture, and then do the machine position adjustment, you can carry out dispensing.
  There are many types of glue. As long as manufacturers find the manufacturers who produce gluing equipment, they can let them find the right glue for you, or find a special glue manufacturer, and they can still find the right machines for you. Now the service is very high! Both solar cell glue filling and solar junction box gluing can use desktop type gluing machine. If you have any demand in this respect, please call 13662812001 (the same as wechat).