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Solar cell glue filling machine

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  Floor type automatic dispenser can be used for solar cell gluing, which is for large products. Due to the small platform of desktop automatic dispenser, it is unable to place large solar cells. The specifications of the machine need to be changed to achieve better gluing effect. It is not necessary to lift the product frequently to ensure better gluing effect.
  Generally, a layer of glue is applied around the solar cell, and then the solar panel is covered to fix and bond, which can ensure that the solar panel does not fall off from the back plate. Even if the dispensing effect is completed and the premise of ensuring the glue filling effect of the solar cell, the appropriate machine should be selected. The dispensing range of the desktop gluing machine is 1-800mm, while the floor type automatic dispensing machine can be 1-1.5m. The length can also be customized. The dispensing valve is suitable for the dispensing equipment of solar panel.
  The dispensing effect determines the product quality. Why do we need to configure the appropriate dispensing accessories is to better control the glue flow. We can fundamentally solve the problem of glue spreading by controlling the flow of glue as we want. The uniformity, not to mention, is more convenient. The gluing is guaranteed. The manufacturers purchase our machines, which are usually customized, are not in stock, Unless it is a desktop gluing machine, this standard automatic dispensing machine is designed in advance because of the different glue filling specifications and lengths of solar cells. It does not meet the requirements of the manufacturer. The dispensing effect becomes worse and does not meet the requirements set by the manufacturer. It takes three to five days to produce the standard automatic dispensing machine from the root.
  For solar panel glue dispensing, we need to ensure the suitability of glue. For glue requirements are quite high, generally, silica gel does not meet the requirements. Our company has cooperated with glue manufacturers to develop a new type of silica gel in order to meet the demand of solar cell glue filling, ensure the dispensing effect, and ensure the product quality, so that it has a good bonding effect and service life.