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Gluing of cabinet door

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  The cabinet gluing is mainly applied on the peripheral card slot. In order to meet the requirements of gluing, our company has manufactured a suitable full-automatic gluing machine. The specifications, dispensing requirements and precision meet the requirements of cabinet dispensing. The glue output has been changed at will. The size of card slot determines the width of glue, and our company can achieve gluing according to its requirements. As long as customers have needs, we will try our best to meet them.

  Effect of sealant

  1. Wear resistance, glue can play a very good wear-resistant effect, not easy to wear.
  2. Aging resistant, not affected by the environment, long-term use effect is significant, not easy to fall off.
  3. Waterproof sealing effect, after coating, closing the cabinet can play a good sealing effect.
  The effect of sealant is very good. Product bonding can play a good sealing effect and avoid the influence of external factors on internal parts. Especially installed in the outdoor cabinet, it will have a good effect and effect after gluing to ensure the service life of the product. If you need to apply glue to the case or cabinet, you can choose our company to produce glass glue coating machine, sealant And glass glue packaging effect is consistent, can be used, glue our company can be used together with specific dispensing accessories, which can meet the needs of gluing.

  Cabinet gluing process

  Test the glue quantity of the glass glue applicator, then design the gluing track of the cabinet, and then place the cabinet on the working platform. The automatic gluing machine will apply glue to the surrounding card slot. Because the glue output is set according to the requirements of the manufacturer, the glue output is reasonable, and the machine can be stable and even. Coat all the surrounding card slots with glue and wait for the glue to dry The cabinet is glued, so is the case.
  Pu sealant is also commonly used glue, there are two types, one component and two-component. The packaging is mainly in barrels and 300ml, while the two-component is in barrels, and the single-component is generally supported. Different full-automatic gluing machines will be used for two different types of packaging, and the dispensing accessories are also different. We should select a good glue type according to the cabinet gluing requirements, and then configure the appropriate coating Glue machine, glue determines the type of machine, whether in the cabinet gluing, or gluing is the premise to meet.