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Car model dispensing

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  Many car models need to be glued internally, which can be used to fix the models. The effect is obvious. In order to achieve better aesthetics, many car models no longer use the screw driving method, but more use the gluing method to achieve the 100% reduction effect without trace. The car model dispensing will use our core technology for dispensing, which is accurate and does not overflow Glue, easy to use, remarkable effect.
  It is recommended to use 401 instant glue dispenser. This is a desktop type gluing machine. It adopts a duplex position structure. The dispensing fixture is installed on the y-axis platform to fix the car model and make it more convenient for dispensing. The car model is fixed at the same position, and then the dispenser is used for gluing. Every time, the glue can be applied accurately without overflow. In addition, the problem of instant glue in the dispensing device can be solved The problem of solidification has been solved.

  Introduction and characteristics of 401 instant adhesive

  410 instant adhesive, also known as quick drying adhesive, can solidify in 3 seconds, but it will not solidify in our dispensing configuration. According to the dispensing characteristics of 410 instant adhesive, our company configures the appropriate dispensing valve, called anaerobic dispensing valve, which can effectively prevent the internal setting of glue. It is made of special materials, and will not react with the quick drying adhesive, so it will not solidify. It should be installed in the automobile mold The use of such machines and accessories in dispensing can be realized.
  The 410 instant glue dispenser produced by our company is not only used in car model dispensing, but also includes leather gluing. It has a wide range of applications. Moreover, there are 1000 sets of programming methods. The actual production of automobile models can be completed by a quick drying glue dispenser. Each time the product is changed, a dispensing path can be designed, which can be saved in the next use, and the next time it is equipped with a cure If you have any requirement, you can contact us!