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Instant adhesive for helmet lining

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  Helmets have become a new hot spot after the epidemic. In order to strengthen the production of helmets, our company has also manufactured a series of automatic equipment, such as helmet spray painting and helmet lining dispensing. We can also contact the manufacturers who make molds for you! One stop service production, I can help you to do. In front of the helmet spray painting technology, today we talk about how to realize the helmet lining with instant adhesive.
  For helmet lining dispensing, a U-shaped dispensing problem needs to be solved. To achieve a better dispensing effect, a fixture needs to be manufactured with the product, and an R-axis instant drying glue dispenser is also needed to facilitate the realization of U-shaped dispensing function. Because the helmet lining needs to be in a circular shape on the side and half slope, certain technical content is needed to realize the circle, and the glue control is accurate, otherwise There will be glue leakage, resulting in overflow, so the requirement of glue quantity control is quite high.
  It is recommended to use 401 instant adhesive for dispensing. This is a medium viscosity glue with low fluidity. As long as the glue is not coated too much, it will not have fluidity. It can be well applied on the helmet lining, which will not cause overflow or leakage, which is relatively in line with the product requirements. Use a suitable machine, can solve a lot of dispensing problems, our company has a special use of quick drying glue dispensing machine equipment, to solve the problem of quick drying glue rapid solidification, to avoid slow production rhythm.
  There is no need to say the wide range of applications of instant adhesive. The glue used in daily household use is fast drying, firm and universal. It has good effect for bonding wood, slate, paper, plastic, metal, etc., so the instant adhesive is widely used and relatively simple. If it is a mass production, we can configure the instant adhesive dispenser produced by our company, such as: helmet lining dispensing To solve the dispensing problem.

  There are many types of quick drying glue, such as 401, 502, slow drying, quick drying, etc. the dispensing scheme can be adjusted according to different viscosity and requirements. The dispensing device that must be used for quick drying glue dispensing is anaerobic glue dispensing valve. A specially produced dispensing valve can avoid the solidification problem inside the dispensing valve during the dispensing process of 401 instant drying glue. Dispensing in an industry is matched according to the core requirements Machines, this is the main reason why our company lacks after-sales service. According to the requirements of products and manufacturers, we can manufacture machines that meet the requirements of production.