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502 quick drying glue dispenser

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  There is a full-automatic dispensing machine for quick drying glue dispensing. However, special dispensing accessories are required for dispensing. Quick drying glue will react with many kinds of materials, such as iron, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum alloy, etc. if the wrong dispensing valve is used, it is easy to cause blockage. Our 502 quick drying glue dispenser will generally be equipped with anaerobic glue dispensing valve, which is one of the key technologies The dispensing valve made of special materials has good sealing performance, and the quick drying glue is not easy to solidify.
  Using 401 instant dry glue to glue the helmet lining, we will use the 502 quick drying glue dispenser, only need to make a fixed fixture again, then adjust the dispensing path, then we can do the product dispensing. Our company has the relevant experience. The manufacturer can also take or send products to make free proofing, and see whether there are good dispensing conditions, proofing, manufacturing and production, and the overall steps.
  There are also many models of quick drying adhesive, which will have a different characteristic. 502 quick drying glue and 401 instant drying glue have similar properties, but 401 has faster solidification speed, higher viscosity and more application range. 502 is also used in household products, with better fluidity and suitable for flat production More products. However, 502 quick drying glue dispenser has become instant glue dispenser.
  Because of the operation on the control, there will be an operating handle. The accuracy can be controlled by using the coordinate points. The alignment point can be accurately aligned. The daily path can be operated according to the dispensing path required by the product, and the patterns in the plane can be drawn. Why can we apply glue on some paintings, mainly the three-dimensional dispensing function, which can control the plane dispensing effect well and control the effect of the plane dispensing in the helmet lining This is the effect of dispensing,
  The application of instant drying adhesive is needless to say. It is widely used in metal, jewelry, plastic, leather, rubber and so on. According to the customer's appropriate requirements, the corresponding automatic dispensing machine is very suitable. If there is a demand with the current production, there will be a core demand. In terms of the current effect, our company can solve many problems Glue problem.