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401 instant glue dispensing

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  401 instant glue dispensing is actually very simple. We can completely solve the problem of 401 instant glue dispensing as long as it depends on whether the product is of high viscosity. We need to customize the machine for high-end products. The characteristics of glue can not be difficult to us. There are already methods for use, which can completely solve the problem of 401 instant glue dispensing. Next, let's learn about 401 instant glue dispensing machine.

  Characteristics of 401 instant glue dispenser

  1. With anaerobic glue dispensing valve, it is a glue for quick drying glue, anaerobic glue and screw thread glue.
  2. Glue will not solidify inside the dispensing valve. After each use, dry it with air pressure.
  3. The dispensing accuracy is accurate, which can reach 0.01mm accuracy, and the gluing effect is very good.
  4. There is a mechanical platform, can be installed with a variety of fixtures, and the machine has 999 groups of programs can be designed.
  5. Good manual control, dispensing width can also be solved, a very convenient effect.
  6. Specifications can be customized, according to the needs of manufacturers, our company is a very good dispensing equipment, with good gluing effect.
  401 instant glue dispensing our company has two ways, semi-automatic peristaltic dispensing machine price 780 yuan, automatic price will be more expensive, about 10000, if you need a lot of 401 instant glue, you can use the latter, if the demand for dispensing is not great, you can use the former, because there is a demand for quick drying glue dispensing, the general effect is satisfied, for example: automobile mold Semi automatic dispensing can be used for car model dispensing, and automatic instant drying dispensing machine can be used for leather gluing, which can apply four strips of glue at a time, which is fast and convenient.
  If you have this demand, you can contact us, because we have dispenser manufacturers, whether it is manufacturing or wholesale, are with good technology, manufacturers' core needs can be met. Welcome to call the service hotline 13662812001