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Dongguan Dongcheng AB glue pouring machine business

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  If you choose to buy AB glue pouring machine, you must choose merchants. The direct selling price is cheap, the technology is mature, and the technology and after-sales are guaranteed. In Dongcheng, Dongguan, there is a manufacturer specializing in automatic pouring machine, including epoxy resin glue, crystal glue, foam glue, rubber and silica gel, etc! General AB glue pouring machine is basically customized production, according to the product, glue proportion and production speed requirements, our company is a professional AB glue pouring machine business, with the corresponding production strength, welcome to consult!
  The total area of our company is about 1300 square meters. There is a branch factory in Longgang District of Shenzhen, which is a special research and development place. The machines involved in our company include dispensing machine, screw machine, glue pouring machine, dispensing valve, pressure barrel, etc., which belong to a relatively comprehensive type of manufacturer. The proportion of AB glue can be made in the range of 10:1 ~ 1:1, and the corresponding pouring equipment can be designed according to the needs of manufacturers, The specific business needs to be discussed face to face!
  Application of AB glue pouring machine manufactured by our company
  Waterproof power supply glue filling, solar cell gluing, LED light strip gluing, transformer, capacitor and ignition coil, the application range is really very large, because our company can customize the machine, according to the requirements of manufacturing glue filling device, so that the production becomes simple, what kind of equipment the manufacturer needs can be processed, which is what professional manufacturers can do, such as: the viscosity of glue used High, can produce stainless steel dispensing valve as a conveying device, air pressure stressed high, still will not affect, our company has done a lot of programs.
  Floor type glue pouring machine is one of the most mature glue filling equipment manufactured by our company. It is used in power supply waterproof glue filling. Generally, the viscosity of silica gel is relatively high. It can be equipped with stainless steel dispensing valve as the conveying device, and then pour glue. The flow rate is large, easy to control, and the accuracy is not to mention stable at 0.02%. AB glue pouring machine processing our company is really very good, if you have processing requirements, epoxy looking for our company Oh!
  AB glue pouring machine processing lies in the structure. As long as the structure is well drawn and installed together, other problems can be solved. PLC is used for the system, stainless steel dispensing valve is used for dispensing valve, glue supply system can be used for glue conveying, and stainless steel pressure barrel with cylinder is used for pressure barrel. There are many things needed to make a floor type glue pouring machine, which is higher than desktop machine The main reason for the price.
  Power supply waterproof filling glue: power is installed in two boxes, internal power supply, external box for glue, external to be higher than the internal, then glue, the entire power supply is sealed, each time needs 15g glue quantity, with large flow dispensing needle, can increase the amount of glue, large amount of glue, need to consider whether the suction is awesome, avoid excessive glue, can not be absorbed, it is very good. The quality of steel dispensing valve, although the power supply waterproof glue pouring requirements are not very high, but for the glue quantity control to have the guarantee.
  The processing of AB glue pouring machine is not a simple technical work. It needs to be equipped with a lot of materials before it can be poured or dispensing. Our company is a manufacturer of AB glue pouring machine in Dongcheng, Dongguan. If you have the demand in this respect, you can come and have a look! Take the products, we will give you proofing.