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Processing center of AB glue filling machine

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  AB glue pouring machine processing our company Dongguan Chinese manufacturing automation technology can do, according to the core requirements of the product, we have produced the AB glue pouring machine that meets the requirements of our company. At present, there are desktop type and floor type, two types, with the longest length of 3.2 meters. It meets the requirements of product and two-component glue pouring, and has the customization strength. Let's learn about the AB glue pouring machine produced by our company.
  As a qualified AB glue pouring machine processing center, our company currently produces a lot of glue pouring equipment, such as: hanging arm glue pouring machine, foam glue pouring machine, glue pouring machine, epoxy resin glue pouring equipment, silica gel pouring machine, etc., all of which can be customized. According to our core requirements, we can solve more problems of dispensing equipment, and the effect is also good Is very good, I have the corresponding core technology Oh!
  The floor type glue pouring machine is used for water-proof and glue filling of power supply. Our company adopts four head glue pouring waterproof to speed up the glue transportation. At the same time, it can ensure the fluidity and sealing of glue and avoid glue leakage or wire drawing. Our company has developed a variety of glue output devices and various non-standard customized dispensing valves, which are used to meet the requirements of point, pouring, coating and injection. Four kinds of waterproof production are not AB glue pouring machine manufacturers It is certain that the core problem that can not be achieved is to give full play to the performance of the sealant.
  AB glue pouring machine processing is based on the product, manufacturers can send samples over! For example, if you don't know what size of power supply to use, if you don't know what size of power supply to use, the production speed of a floor type gluing machine with glue filling head is very slow, which does not meet the requirements of the manufacturer. If it needs to be changed, it will take a lot of effort, and it will be done in the early stage, which will save the cost.
  Dongguan AB glue pouring machine business, including our company made in China, is still very many businesses, if there is a demand in this respect, you can find our company's production floor type pouring machine Oh! It can give full play to the performance of the sealant, and the production machine can also meet the core needs of glue filling. If there is such a demand, you may as well have a look at it! Professional manufacturers.