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Working principle of automatic glue dispenser

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Automatic dispensing machine is for dispensing for other items or industry, now because of the rapidly developed technology and basic electronic components are very small, need to use the auxiliary equipment to complete the task of the traditional way of dispensing, dispensing can not meet the requirements of dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine has been replaced, the speed of development will be dispensing machine gradually beyond other types of clicks.
Many enterprises are all know what is the automatic dispensing machine, but do not know what is the working principle, understand the working principle to be able to fully understand the automatic dispensing machine, so that the automatic dispensing operation, operation and production of play, but also does not have any problem.
Although the operating instructions in the purchase of automatic dispensing machine, can guide the operation of automatic glue dispensing, but there are some problems, there is no manual function, if the principle of automatic dispensing machine thorough, some cases are solved, the working principle of the automatic dispensing machine is an important part of.
In fact, the working principle of the automatic dispensing machine is relatively simple. It only needs some time to understand thoroughly, so that the operation dispensing machine will also have a kind of experience.
The working principle of the automatic dispensing machine stir glue into the glue bowl, squeeze the glue cylinder in the use of pressure glue, glue will hose down the outflow of dispensing valve, using computer control system, the dispensing valve for dispensing, and then use the suction valve, suction glue water, guarantee not to appear this is the problem, work principle.
All the glue machine is used to control the glue by air pressure. Now it also has the use of electric glue to control the machine, so that the precision of the automatic dispensing machine is more precise.