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Double liquid stainless steel dispensing valve

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  The material of dispensing valve is generally made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Our company has made a kind of all stainless steel dispensing valve, which is made of stainless steel inside and outside. The stainless steel has high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the inner wall is polished smooth, which improves the flow of glue delivery, which is conducive to product filling. The double liquid stainless steel dispensing valve has better glue filling effect and faster glue mixing efficiency Yes.
  The floor type glue pouring machine produced by our company has the application of stainless steel dispensing valve in power supply waterproof glue pouring, which can effectively solve the glue filling requirements of high viscosity and high proportion mixing, generally reaching 3:1 and glue viscosity reaching about 50000, which can be solved by using our stainless steel dispensing valve directly. Because it has automatic mixing function, it can automatically mix glue, so it can solve the problem of high viscosity and high proportion mixing Viscosity glue demand, similar to 2:1 and 1:1, can be solved without stirring, which is relatively convenient, and the pouring task of power supply waterproof glue filling can be met.
  Stainless steel dispensing valve is also easy to refit. It can be equipped with three or four heads, or three at a time. It can be modified specifically to improve production. For example, the power supply waterproof glue filling can use large flow of glue, and the pouring task needs to be completed quickly. In short, the appropriate dispensing equipment can meet the production requirements, avoid overflow and leakage, and uneven glue output, and the production is good Effect, high quality dispensing valve, can improve the effect of the manufacturer, improve the production efficiency.
  Use the right machine, for production is very good effect, our company is specialized in manufacturing pouring equipment manufacturers, according to the actual requirements for your company to manufacture the appropriate machine, can solve the product filling demand, if your company has the demand, welcome to call! thirteen billion six hundred and sixty-two million eight hundred and twelve thousand and one