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What is the difference between the floor automatic glue disp

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Floor type automatic dispensing machine is a large and small dispenser dispensing machine, there is a certain difference between the dispensing station large make it widely used to perform dispensing work in production line, cost and area are relatively large, in stark contrast to this and manual dispensing machine, although the two is also a dispensing equipment, but function and use are different.
Floor type automatic dispensing machine body is very large, because the floor type structure to build, so it covers an area of more and more high energy dispensing station, repetitive batch dispensing work, used in the industrial production line is better than manual dispensing more stable and better efficiency. The equipment transformation space is relatively large. By connecting with manufacturers, we can add relevant dispensing accessories, so the function is stronger and the performance is more stable, which is an incomparable advantage of manual dispensing machine.
The manual dispensing machine is a small semi automatic equipment, through manual operation simpler and more flexible, rework part of most are carried out through manual dispensing, so manual dispensing machine is more suitable for simple rework, only need to set the relevant parameters can be manually dispensing work, with the operator's intention to dispensing work no law, in operation than the floor type automatic dispensing machine more flexible.
However, the stability of manual dispensing machine than the dispensing floor type automatic dispensing machine, manual operation because of uncertain factors more easily occur in time and glue dispensing error path deviation, and the people not to draw a circle is a reason, so the manual dispensing machine and automatic dispensing equipment par.