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Sponge coating manufacturer

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  We should all know that to synthesize the shape, we need to use multiple sponges to combine. In the combination surface, we need to apply glue. Generally, hot melt glue or yellow glue are used. The two kinds of glue are used more often. But our company is specialized in production period. In order to meet the production requirements, the sponge coating manufacturer can choose the glue machine produced by our company! Can also meet the core needs of your production.
  Sponge gluing is different from general products. Because the precision requirement is not very high, it mainly depends on the width of glue application. The brush needle can effectively improve the speed of glue application. The path is well designed, and the products can be glued directly. The degree of automation is high, manual assistance, machine gluing, strong uniformity, good bonding effect, cost saving and less convenience It needs to be said that there is also a better production environment for employees. Instead of facing the hot melt glue furnace, they only need to boil glue in the machine. The temperature and heat are in the machine, and the heat is still very small.
  Sponge coating manufacturers can choose! In addition, the four axis dispensing needle cylinder hanger can be installed on the gluing machine, which can realize the four end gluing function and complete four pieces of glue at one time. For some large-area sponge coating, the effect will be better. According to the actual production effect, our company uses the drop type screw gluing machine as a modification, and adds hot melt glue heating device, which can store a large amount of hot-melt glue at one time The heating temperature can reach 220 ° and the heating effect is standard. Sponge coating manufacturers can choose to use it!
  As a glue machine manufacturer, our company has many different machines. Screw gluing machine is one of them. From the name, we can know that it is used in screw gluing. Each glue coating equipment has a specific application. The hot-melt glue applicator used in sponge coating is also reformed by desktop or floor type gluing equipment. This is the effect that a manufacturer can achieve. According to different schemes, the hot-melt glue applicator used in sponge coating is also reformed, To solve the problem of dispensing product quality, for example: the quality of the glue dispenser chain is very good, and the chain quality is guaranteed when using the products of domestic big brands. After using these products for many years, there is really no broken chain in two years. Unless the product with more than the bearing weight is used, the chain of the gluing machine will break.