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Dispensing control method and device

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  There are many kinds of dispensing control methods. According to the differences between automatic and manual dispensing devices, there will also be various differences in dispensing devices. Let's learn how dispensing control methods and devices are, and how each dispensing device can play a role in different scenarios and products? Let's have a look!

  Dispensing control method

  As an automatic standard machine, automatic gluing machine has a large number of users and is relatively authoritative. The dispensing control method of automatic gluing machine represents the dispensing effect of automation. Automatic marking refers to the effect of the machine automatically completing the work, which can automatically complete dispensing or gluing tasks. For example, beeping film dispensing is the use of automatic technology Point circle aspect has better effect!
  The manual dispensing method is to use manual dispensing, which can effectively solve the dispensing problem. The main reason is that the cost is low, the control is convenient, and the dispensing can still be carried out, but the way is relatively simple. Therefore, if you want to meet your own requirements, you can completely realize the task of gluing, which is more convenient. However, the gluing path needs to be controlled manually, which can not be accurate and complete Automatic gluing machine in the beep piece dispensing effect, manual will appear some poor Oh!
  How can the glue gun draw? Some customers say that the manual dispensing gun will have wire drawing problems. In fact, this is a very small probability. First, our company will test the quality of the dispensing valve before delivery. Second, there will be glue leakage before using it. It is a shame for manufacturers who have produced dispensing valve for many years. If the glue gun has wire drawing, the solution is: first, replace the product with the manufacturer As long as the sealing ring is moved by hand, the sealing ring can only be replaced by pulling the rubber ring, so the sealing effect can be changed.
  The dispensing control method is still pretty. The above two representative methods, automatic and manual, can solve the problem of glue application in modern production. However, the method will be better. The cost is lower and the difference is quite big. In combination with the mode required by the manufacturer, the automatic gluing machine or manual dispensing machine can be directly selected for dispensing on the buzzer.