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Metal parts dispensing processing

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  There are many types of hardware products on the market. In order to have better bonding or sealing effect, they will generally carry out dispensing and gluing to achieve the sealing and bonding effect. What kind of technology or machine is used to complete the current? I can finish the dispensing equipment in the production of dispensing equipment! Improve production efficiency and product quality.
  Motorcycle engine shell letter gluing is the use of silver powder and glue mixed together for dispensing, in the letter lines can not have Oh! Moreover, the coating layer is very thin. To achieve these effects, we can meet the requirements of gluing. To solve the dispensing problem, we can effectively improve the production efficiency. Why does our company only produce the standard specifications, and other accessories need to be made according to the actual production needs! In order to meet the requirements of production, the relative effect of targeted manufacturing machines will be much better.
  The hardware dispensing process also includes the glue dispensing of buzzer piece. The glue is applied on the fixed part of the built-in horn to make it have better encapsulation, better sound and good sealing effect. The gluing is targeted. If the effect can meet the requirements of the standard, it will definitely have better quality. The round dispensing effect is stable, which can meet the requirements of buzzer dispensing 。
  Our company belongs to Dalingshan dispensing machine manufacturer, located in No.22, No.4 Industrial Zone, Yangwu, Daling mountain. There are factories specialized in manufacturing machinery and equipment. At present, the machines that can be produced include silicone dispenser, UV curing machine, yellow glue coating machine, jet dispensing machine and visual dispensing equipment. All kinds of machines are in production, and also have their own engineering team. The effect of metal dispensing processing will be better Oh! The glue dispensing of buzzer is directly related to the machine. The glue quantity and dispensing specification can be directly designed according to the number of MM glue to be applied. It is very convenient to use our machine for all kinds of hardware dispensing processing.
  UV curing machine dispensing machine is a combination of dispensing machine and UV lamp. UV glue needs to be irradiated to realize rapid curing. When applying glue on general products, it will be cured. With UV lamp, it can complete curing treatment in 3 seconds. The effect is very fast, and the function of UV curing machine dispensing machine can be realized. In terms of machine design, our Dalingshan dispensing machine manufacturer also has unique core technology, which can effectively solve the problem of gluing.
  If you choose a dispenser manufacturer, you must have a manufacturer with technology. Otherwise, you will become an intermediary, the cost of the machine will increase, and the technical core is quite poor, which is not conducive to the manufacturer's product production. Because not every manufacturer has the core dispensing technology, you need to know whether the technology of this