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Application of letters on engine shell of Honda female motor

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  There are a lot of products that use dispensing technology. As long as glue is used, there are basically corresponding dispensing technologies. For example, when the letters of Honda women's motorcycle engine shell are coated with glue, the manufacturer will surely think that the painting effect will be better. In fact, it is not, because the area is very small, and the shell cannot be affected. The spraying effect is not good!
  The letter of the engine shell is glued to the silver glue and curing agent. It is a glue with particles. Although the particles are very small, the jet valve is unusable, easy to plug and wear. Basically, it needs a better injection valve every month. The cost is very high. The price of a jet valve is 10000 yuan, which is rather uneconomical, and the spray valve is used for spray painting. The spray effect is very extensive. There will also be paint nearby, and it will need to be cleaned later, which is particularly inconvenient. The manufacturer certainly does not want to use it again. The Dalingshan dispensing machine branch of our company and the glue manufacturer jointly designed to combine the glue and the machine, adjust the glue proportion to the appropriate proportion, and then use the dispensing equipment to conduct dispensing, which can completely coat the letters on the engine shell, and the effect is the same as that of spray painting Same, but do not need to do later cleaning treatment.
  Visual dispenser is usually used for letter painting, but there are no particles in the paint, which has little impact on the dispensing valve, long service time, and guaranteed production quality. The visual dispenser can only be used if the manufacturer's monthly profit is controlled within a reasonable range. Otherwise, there will be no meaning in production. Our company has used many industries, including hardware dispensing and buzzer dispensing, Our company has branches all over Dongguan, mainly to meet all kinds of sales and after-sales service requirements, the main production location is still in Dongguan Tangxia.
  Dalingshan dispenser made the effect of applying glue on motorcycle engine shell letters with customers yesterday. The uniformity of glue application is very strong, and it is convenient for customers to use. A lot of improvements have been made in dispensing device, mixing device, dispensing system and gluing method. Especially in the aspect of glue supply and storage, it is also a great breakthrough to avoid glue level, Storage capacity is not very large, not to use the pressure bucket which kind of storage way!
  In different industries, our company will produce different automatic gluing machines. There are many types of hardware dispensing processing. Some 3D automatic gluing machines are not suitable. We will definitely produce other types of gluing equipment to make them have good gluing effect. This is also the main reason for manufacturers to send samples and glue. Without product specifications, it is difficult to know whether it is suitable or not, unless your company has already There is a little glue dispensing equipment, and a better machine is needed to select a new manufacturer. Honda manufacturers apply glue on the engine shell letters because of poor spray painting effect, so they choose to apply glue and waterproof.