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Application of bottom filling process for automatic glue dis

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Automatic dispensing machine is the most industry to perform a work package bonding equipment, whether it is part of the package or production of small objects large objects can be used to link dispensing docking, automatic dispensing machine through the multi axis linkage can perform precise slit dispensing, mainly used in small objects fill the bottom of the work.
There are many difficulties in bottling of small objects, including precise parapet and gap pairs, which are all basic requirements for bottom filling. If is the implementation of the electrical components of the underfill, do not come into contact with the solder dispensing position, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the finished product, on the bottom of the dispensing through the automatic detection system can help the dispensing machine execution work accurate alignment, not only the dispensing path uniform and no dead without gaps and other adverse factors.
Application of automatic dispensing glue very much, in order to meet the demand of the underfill, the best choice of automatic dispensing machine using electronic moisture-proof plastic, electronic moisture-proof glue can play the role of slit bonding package, and will not affect the normal use of the finished product, should pay attention to the matter dispensing surface moisture and dirt removal, the maximum degree to ensure the dispensing work, then the quantitative electronic moisture fill glue to slot part at the bottom of the completion of filling work.
The bottom filling using automatic dispensing function make the object value doubled, the work intensity of objects after dispensing high and have a certain impact, whether can maintain the best performance in what environment, convenient maintenance and long service life, is one of the more important than the package bonding technology.
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