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Guangzhou glue filling machine manufacturer

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  Guangzhou pouring machine manufacturers including our Chinese made Oh! In fact, there are many types of manufacturers. The main type is based on the core strength of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers only make screw machines and standard dispensers. The manufacture of pouring machines may cooperate with others. If you choose the manufacturer of pouring machines, you can choose our home! At present, we can manufacture floor type gluing machine, and have good technology of producing glue pouring equipment, because there is non-standard manufacturing technology!
  In fact, there are a lot of manufacturers of gluing machines in Guangdong. There are about 500 manufacturers, mainly in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou. These are international cities or factory cities. They can learn core technology from foreign countries. At present, the top domestic glue pouring machine manufacturers are mainly located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Of course, the prices will be higher. Dongguan and Huizhou are similar The price is lower, the manufacturing cost and material cost are relatively low. Many Shenzhen manufacturers will choose to cooperate with Dongguan, mainly because of cost saving. However, Shenzhen manufacturers become an external carrier, receiving customers, and manufacturing machines are completed by Dongguan.
  There are many manufacturers of glue pouring machines in Guangzhou. Our company has also set up a branch factory in Baiyun District of Guangzhou, which mainly manufactures non-standard gluing machines and R & D, mainly facing Southeast Asian market. At present, the types of gluing machines that can be manufactured at present are cantilever type, floor type, epoxy resin pouring machine and vacuum pouring machine. These are the series that can meet the requirements of production at present The effect is also very good, can use glue proportion can reach 10:1, viscosity can reach 500000 below.
  The charger produced by calf manufacturer is used as the core glue filling equipment, and the two-component silica gel is used for glue filling. The glue ratio is 5.3:1, and the glue proportion needs to reach 0.1%. The precision is still slow and high, and the effect is great. Your company can take something to test! Because the core needs of manufacturers are like this, in order to meet the core value, we need to be in place at every step. If you choose to pour glue machine manufacturer, you can contact us! Telephone service hotline: 13662812001