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Internal filling of Changzhou calf charger

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  In recent years, electric vehicles have become more and more popular and environmental protection awareness has become more and more popular in China. With the increasing number of automobile vehicles, urban congestion has led to the slow rise of electric vehicles, among which the rise of electric vehicles called calf electric vehicles has also been called, positioned in the middle and high-end customer groups, the effect is quite good, the quality in all aspects is relatively stable, the shape of electric vehicles is relatively fashionable, also in line with the modern young.Human consumption psychology.
  Our company, as a manufacturer of Guangdong glue dispenser, also cooperates with it. Some places need glue dispensing. For example, the charger used by the calf electric vehicle needs glue dispensing. The charger is a voltage-converting effect. It turns the 220V voltage into the voltage needed by the electric vehicle. The whole process is relatively simple. However, in this process, it needs protection and can not be exposed to the outside, while the charger gluing is necessary.Application results in a semi-cost charger box that can be manufactured with a die and placed with internal parts that need to be sealed. The effect of two-component silicone: insulation, heat dissipation, sealing, waterproof, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. After filling, the quality and service time of the charger will be increased and it can be used in open air environment.

  Charger filling process

  Determine product specifications and parameters Formulate filling plan Design filling path Transfer glue into glue mixing Filling calf charger Manually arrange products Wait for glue to cool down.
  As many types of gluing equipment manufactured by Guangdong gluing machine manufacturer, the displaying gluing machine is a non-standard and large machine which can be used together with pipeline. The effect is very good. It is still remarkable when applied to the filling of charger. The type of glue can be different. We also have plans to deal with it. You have this demand and can contact me by telephone.