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Hot Melt for Millet Mobile Phone Front Shell Point

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  Mobile phone glue dispensing topic has been continuing for many years. At present, almost every mobile phone manufacturer will do glue dispensing on mobile phones. Glue is generally hot melt glue, but also UV glue. There are two places where glue dispensing is needed, front shell border and rear shell. Mobile phones are basically integrated. Sealing needs better effect, glue coating can achieve sealing and waterproof, mobile phones can now have a toolWith a certain amount of manners, you need to spray paint on it to protect important components.
  Our company uses automatic dispensing device, desktop structure, dual working platform, single axis dispensing head for dispensing glue on the front shell of mobile phone. Two dispensing tools are installed on the working platform, which can place the mobile phone and fix the position so that the mechanical axis can be accurately dispensing. The effect of dispensing glue is controlled by automatic dispensing device. The result is really great!
  We have transported the automatic dispenser for millet mobile phone on behalf of the factory. The glue is hot melt. The glue can be high temperature resistant. After the glue is applied, the glue property can be kept in the active range all the time, and the glue bonding effect will be very obvious. As for glue cracking, the automatic dispenser produced in the ball planter is also used to dispense glue. The accuracy of dispensing is not concerned, and it has three-dimensional positioning effect., the accuracy can be maintained at 0.1mm, repeat dispensing accuracy: 0.02%, mobile phone front shell glial quality can be guaranteed oh!
  The dispensing speed of the front shell of the mobile phone will certainly be concerned about the dispensing speed. Generally, the dispensing speed can be controlled at 300 mm/s, the empty axis speed can be controlled at 500 mm/s, and the speed can be completely reassured. The effect tested by our company is that the five manual dispensing speeds are the speed of an automatic dispensing machine, let alone the quantity of dispensing glue. The machine must be much higher than the manual one, the qualified rate is 99.8%, and the time-consuming work is exceeded.This is still the efficiency.Still the same at the ball planter.
  Our company is also researching new automatic dispenser, such as: automatic dispenser, in addition to dispensing glue, it can also be automatically mounted, the combination of two functions, to improve production efficiency, now the pipeline automated production line, which is like this, joining machine production, improving manual operability, both speed and quality are guaranteed, mobile phone front shell dispensing single-sided machine, the manufacturing is already very mature. If you need it, please contact us by phone.13662812001 (Mr. Wang, the same name as Wechat)