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  Dispensing paint is our Shijie dispensing machine automation company has research Oh! Our company has set up after-sales and R & D sites in many places in Dongguan. Dongguan and Zhejiang have more places. We mainly bear these two places, and there are many types of dispensing. Electrical dispensing automation equipment produces visual dispensing machines and standard screw machines.
  There are mainly two types of automatic equipment for paint dispensing, which are visual dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine. Due to the rapid speed of paint dispensing, the spray dispensing valve can meet the demand. In addition, the accuracy control requirements are relatively high for the machine equipment, but the general machine effect can not meet the requirements. Although the paint can be spot painted, the effect certainly can not meet the requirements. Our company has also studied it The relevant production machine, just produced this kind of dispensing paint spot drilling machine, belongs to the machine type of Shijie non-marking glue machine division of our company.
  The visual dispensing equipment has a good dispensing function, which can solve the problem of product positioning and precision, and can realize the positioning of the machine. It is easy to place the products. It does not need to manufacture fixture, and it can be directly placed on the machine platform to carry out dispensing and test the effect. This is the advantage of automation equipment, simple operation mode, combined with production line, so that the output is greater, this is our pursuit.
  Shijie dispensing machine is mainly composed of these two types of equipment, and other machines are produced by Dongguan Tangxia head office. Our company also has the ability to produce non-standard machines. We can manufacture machines according to product requirements, glue, production line and production requirements, fundamentally solve the dispensing problem, expand the scale or improve the quality, and the effect will be greatly improved. Machines can replace manual production The machine cost can be recovered within one month, and the price becomes simple.