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Glue filling for cable connector junction box

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  Now the city power lines are basically laid underground, and the underground power lines need to be waterproof. Especially at the interface, water seepage can easily cause accidents, which has a lot of impact on the safety of local people walking. The filling of basic cable joints needs insulation, waterproof and sealing. A two-component silicone gel water developed and produced by our company meets the filling requirements.The glue ratio is 5:1, you need to use it with the floor glue maker!
  Cable junction box glue filling can mainly play the effect of waterproof, sealing and jointing. It needs to be docked at both ends of the cable. In order to adapt to the underground environment, water leakage often occurs in rainy days, especially in flooding. The whole buried cable area is submerged. If the sealing effect is not good, it is easy to cause leakage, and the high voltage current can reach 10 kv, when leakage occurs, there will be no one instantly.People have a great impact on public safety, so glue filling of cable junction boxes must use glue and machines that meet the national requirements to ensure safety.
  In fact, the floor glue filler can automatically match the glue proportion, which is also very helpful for glue control. It guarantees the accuracy, flow rate and quality of glue. The glue filling with cable junction box has obvious effect. There is no need to worry about the quality. The production effect is stable. The glue filling machine can produce about 5,000 cable junction boxes of the same quality every day.However, it also depends on your main production requirements, as you can customize the multi-axis machine, so the production speed will also depend on the difficulty of production.
  Cable junction box glue filling is to solve the problem of seepage. The glue requirement is very high. Although many glue can play a waterproof effect, its life is very short, which is not conducive to cable use. The environment determines the requirements of glue. Glue filling must meet the requirements of glue and cable junction box glue filling. It is recommended to use floor glue filler, which can quickly mix glue and mix.The ratio reaches 99.9 percent, and the glue effect can be fully displayed. This is our specialty. The floor glue machine manufactured is suitable for the glue filling of cable junction box.