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Two Component High Conductivity Heat-Filling Adhesive

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Our company, Dongguan Medium-made Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., is not a manufacturer of glue. We also have some knowledge about two-component high thermal conductivity glue because we use this kind of glue to quickly charge mobile phones and to conduct internal glue. At that time, the glue used was high thermal conductivity glue. We also have some knowledge about glue.Briefly describe the features and applications of this glue.
Scope of application
Mainly used in the electrical industry, mobile phone quick charging, transformer, sensor, power supply and so on.
1. It has good insulation effect and better insulation than ordinary plastic.
2. They also have endurance in terms of temperature, which can be used to dissipate heat. Fast charging generates heat, which needs to be dissipated.
3. The bonding life is longer and it has good protection effect in circuit application.
4. Glue will generally have a waterproof effect. After glued products, they have a certain waterproof effect.
5. It also has some protective effect against vibration.
The glue ratio is 1:1, which is a simple two-component glue. You can use the resin glue filling machine developed and produced by our company for product glue filling. The glue mixing ratio can complete the mixing. The high heat conduction glue also has the solidifying effect at normal temperature. After stirring, the mixing effect can be improved, the solidifying effect can be fully exerted, then the quick filling glue can be used, and the solidifying speed is relatively fast.It is the machine we produce that meets the requirements of high conductivity heat-filling glue.
Whether or not it is suitable for Industry glue filling needs depends on the requirements of manufacturers. Our company can make customizations, guarantee the appropriate machine type, meet the production requirements, and the production structure will install standard manufacturing. At present, the machine is not a production device, there are suitable orders, and then according to the conditions given by the manufacturers, we have produced resin glue filling machines for Huawei with four-headed output.Rubber method, four products are finished at one time.