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Seam coating of waterproof terminal box for socket

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  To meet the standard requirement, the glue and the machine must be matched in place. Generally, the two-component rubber-silicone coating is used for the waterproof box. The elastic glue can provide a good sealing effect and foaming glue can also be used. Relatively more or less, the effect is the same.
  Our company has glued waterproof boxes and manufactured floor-mounted gluer which can mix two-component glue and then glue them!Flow control is good, stable and the quality is really good!You can also take the product for testing. At present, the junction boxes for sockets, cables and electrical boxes all use two-component silicone gel. Our company manufactures floor-mounted gel machines.
  Glue proportion mixing can reach 1:1~5:1 range, glue is extracted by metering gear pump, glue is mixed by two-component dispensing valve, and then glue is poured. The requirements of straight line, point, round corner, arc and circle as well as irregular curve gluing can be realized. The browsing control is stable, and the starting and ending quantities are controlled by non-markers. Traces of beginning and end can not be seen by careless observation, and the gluing effect can be achieved.It's really great. The floor-mounted gluer is mature and has a very low failure rate.
  Waterproof box coating is not the first time used. Our company also produces a lot of floor-mounted gluers. We are very confident about the manufacturing process. If manufacturers have requirements in this regard, we might as well give them a try!Looking at the proofing results we have given you, we can see why we are confident in this respect.Waterproof box coating requirements are no longer difficult as our technology, manufacturers can rest assured!Welcome to call 13662812001.