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How accurate amount of glue out of control automatic glue di

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Glue dispensing machine control large are controlled by a computer system glue time, using this method to control the quantity of cement, so need to control glue needle model needs to be familiar with, otherwise unable to estimate the amount of glue, although large glue glue dispensing machine for automatic control system is relatively high, but the need for dispensing technology more precise, it can be applied range will increase.
The dispensing accuracy requirement is very high, because of the high precision dispensing machine can increase in the influence of the market and the degree of competition, and constantly develop new technology enterprises has been the pursuit of the ideal, from the ordinary semi automatic dispensing machine began to large automatic glue dispensing machine now, this is a qualitative improvement.
Now the dispensing machine precision are better use of the PLC programming control system of glue dispensing machine, more and more use of auxiliary parts in order to improve the precision of dispensing, the use of these accessories can only meet the dispensing, dispensing precision industry needs will gradually increase, leading to the need of dispenser dispensing industry will not be eliminated.
The amount of glue a precise control of automatic glue dispensing machine can use the injection valve and the central control system, also can be added to limit the flow controller, the amount of glue flow, it can control the flowing speed of glue in the injection valve before and after the large automatic glue glue dispensing glue quickly adjust velocity.
The method of automatic glue dispenser control glue has more, the use of flow controller, control software can use glue, glue glue valve control accuracy is relatively high, the dispensing machine configuration of these software and accessories for precision control is relatively high.