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Visual dispenser for chip dispensing

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   Chip dispensing requires high precision for dispensing. Chip making basically knows that the internal precision is very high. In order to meet the needs of higher precision and avoid damaging chips, it is recommended to use visual dispensing machine, super-clear and identifying dispensing function, automatic dispensing track adjustment, control, speed and precision are all completed by computer system devices.It is very popular in the market.

  Visual dispenser features

  1. It can recognize and locate automatically, and the product can be placed arbitrarily. It can also recognize the point glue track.
  2. Glue volume can be controlled freely, the accuracy of flow can be controlled, and different glue output can be controlled at different locations.
  3. Fast, it can recognize the location of glue dispensing in advance, and then do glue dispensing, which can reach 800mm/s.
  4. Precision accessories, using servo motor or ball screw, with high control accuracy.
  5. Low error rate, high productivity and no need for manual intervention. 
  6. With automatic glue matching technology, glue is transported to the outlet.  
  7. The operation is simple and easy to learn. Front-line employees can also learn quickly without wasting on-the-job training fees.
  This is the main reason why chip dispensing will choose visual dispensing machine. All aspects are relatively mature and dispensing control effect is great. Ordinary dispensing machine will be used for a long time, there will still be track offset problem. Visual dispensing machine has no such problem, it can continue dispensing, there will be no problem, it can automatically adjust rules, and it has a very high degree of intelligence.Perform unified action, good stability.
  The functions and features of visual dispensing have been explained. For high efficiency dispensing, it is recommended to use a visual dispensing machine. Of course, you can also take samples and glue for testing.We have special projects for reception and testing. Welcome to contact: 13928403389 (Mr. Wang)