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Working principle of non contact glue dispenser

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The non-contact dispensing machine is also called jet automatic dispensing machine, its working principle is through strong pressure piston extrusion, forming a force of glue, and then use the computer system to control the injection valve, it will eject quickly out of glue, glue which is completed the task, the principle of non-contact dispensing machine.
Understand the principle of a dispensing machine is a very important part, so you can know the dispensing process, if the dispensing machine malfunctions, can from the principle and procedure of learned dispensing system is why there will be a problem, even if not familiar with the dispensing machine will not all thumbs, non contact automatic dispensing machine is the same.
In addition to the working principle, the non-contact automatic glue dispenser has the principle of power and the operating principle of the manipulator, all of which are operated by the auxiliary glue dispenser. Power is the principle of non-contact dispensing mode of operation, by stepping motor and servo motor, providing power for the dispensing system, servo motor assisted stepping motor, in time according to the requirement of dispensing dispensing control speed, make the dispensing more smoothly.
These are the principle of non-contact type automatic dispensing machine, is to point out the good glue dispensing machine, small dispensing machine system is relatively simple, more large, the work principle is complex, understanding a dispensing machine we need to start from the theory of knowledge, after the familiar theory can be better the operation of non-contact automatic dispensing machine.
The working principle of glue machine is relatively simple, combined with the practical operation, familiar with a fast dispensing machine can be finished within half an hour, but some of the details of dispensing, requires a relatively long time. Each dispensing machine may come from the same enterprise, but also a little error in dispensing, the effect will be different, non-contact automatic dispensing machine is the same.