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The role of visual dispensing machine in the development of

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  With the continuous improvement of industrial technology requirements, ordinary automatic dispensers can not meet the industrial demand. At this time, visual dispensers gradually come into the field of vision of manufacturers. With its high-precision and fast dispensing effect, we gradually accept this new equipment, which can meet the needs of industrial technology requirements.

  Characteristics of visual dispensing

  2. Some high-precision dispensing products still have a little error every time they are mechanically positioned, while the HD camera can keep aiming at the dispensing position, and the effect processing only takes one second, including photographing, data processing, analysis and positioning. 3 With the increasing degree of automation, dispensing can be carried out without manual work, without the need for employees to place the products well and directly, dispensing can be carried out, and the product quality can be screened.
  Visual dispensers are often used in jewelry industry. Due to the low price of products, it needs mass production to be valuable. Ordinary dispensers can produce 500 ~ 1000 pieces per hour, and visual dispensers can meet 5000 production needs. The speed is very fast. With crystal glue, the ideal effect can reach 40K / h (dot), minus the time to take and place products, It can be seen that the effect is very fast. Visual dispensing machine also has storage function. The fixed dispensing position will be recognized in this position every time.
  In addition to the jewelry industry, sign painting is also used. Mahjong, car logo, sign and so on need fast dispensing products. Basically, the cost mode has been changed, the production speed is fast, the product quality is good, and the best of both worlds is achieved. Not only the production speed, but also the quality is guaranteed. The visual dispensing machine can change the dispensing device, for example, the spray dispensing valve will be used for sign painting, It's fast, easy to control, and very airtight.