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Visual automatic dispensing machine manufacturer

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  At present, the only visual dispensing machine with high accuracy and efficiency in the dispensing industry is the visual dispensing machine, also known as the visual dispensing machine, which has a wide range of applications, such as hardware, medical treatment, labels, car signs, electronics, mahjong, bus cards, underwear, accessories, clothing, mobile phones, cameras, chips, badges, etc. More products with requirements for quantity production are used and the price is cheaper.It is recommended to use visual dispenser for automatic positioning, with paint, glue dispensing, filling, colouring, etc. The efficiency can reach 40K/H (dotting).
  The main difference between traditional dispenser and visual dispenser is in the visual device, which does not need to use therapeutic tools. It can automatically locate, recognize, reset, detect and so on, instead of human eyes. However, the computer processing speed is fast, it can achieve ultra-fast dispensing function, has visual function, the machine is relatively installed with "eyes", the computer is the brain, has strong computing power and high efficiency.You can do crazy cooking.Graphics allow you to enter 3D graphics in advance to analyze the glue dispensing range, and the machine will automatically avoid the glue-free position.
  Visual dispenser has a large working platform, you can place products at will. Products of different specifications can be dispensed just by inputting the program. The operation speed is fast, reaching 400mm/s (up to 700mm/s) (customized). It is fast, accurate and has a vision to replace therapeutic tools. It can automatically recognize the dispensing position. Each dispensing can be aligned to the set dispensing position.Can meet the production requirements of a large number of orders.
  Applied in various industries, representative, nail tweezers spray paint, whole row of nail tweezers need spray paint, specified range, can not exceed, paint fluidity is good, traditional glue dispensing technology, but also difficult glue. Previously, the production was made by old employees, overtime every day, and efficiency is poor. After seeing our visual glue dispenser, we decided to buy it immediately.It can produce tens of thousands of goods every day with high efficiency and good quality.

  Features of automatic visual dispenser

  1. Operational technical requirements are not high, there are mature software, just need to arrange the software operation requirements, set parameters, for employees there is basically no academic requirements, as long as they are willing to study carefully, there are basically no difficulties in operation.
  2. Simple operation makes the visual dispenser more widely used. It does not require professional technicians to stay in the factory, which saves money. The training for employees is also simple. Simple training can be done by the machine manufacturer.
  3. A visual dispensing machine can be produced by 6-7 employees, and ordinary dispensing equipment can also be produced by 3-5 people. This will speed up the production capacity of the manufacturer, enhance the competitiveness and enable the enterprise to enhance the brand marketing power in the peers. It is also important for customers to recognize the brand of the manufacturer.