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Common breakdown and elimination of floor automatic glue dis

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Floor type automatic dispensing machine belongs to the large-scale industrial production line of a commonly used dispensing equipment, which covers an area other than dispensing with the characteristics of dispensing confidential, high efficiency, stable and multi station, is widely used in manufacturing industry, in the practical application may appear some fault influence dispensing work, consumers should be aware of these common faults and gradually excluded dispensing work, in order to better complete dispensing work.
Most dispensing equipment always glue clogging, between the dispensing valve and glue outlet there is a distance, automatic dispensing is completed if the glue still exists in the distance to curing blockage, dispensing machine operators so experienced will perform a close glue delay will this glue in the dispensing work out after consumers can be closed by glue delay programming system of floor type automatic dispensing machine in practical work. The excessive viscosity of glue will also cause the glue flow to solidify and block gradually. The glue can be treated by the heating device internally equipped with the automatic dispensing machine, so that the glue can achieve the best dispensing effect.
The most obvious characteristics of floor type automatic dispensing machine is a large area, dispensing station occupies large area can provide more, because of the need for the one-way dispensing work more, when the voltage instability is easy to cause the dispenser alignment work can be offset through the regulator for solving the voltage instability problem.
The function and the area of the dispensing equipment are relatively large, so the requirements for maintenance and maintenance are relatively detailed. The cleaning operation is best done once a month, ensuring the daily small scale maintenance can ensure the normal dispensing state of the floor type dispenser.