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The application of the glue dispenser in the electronic cont

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The electronic controller is a tool for the electrical industry in the production process, mainly by the single-chip microcomputer as a control system to perform a variety of data acquisition and processing work, and can provide the working voltage for the sensor more work, need to use dispenser as an auxiliary tool in the production process of the electronic controller, so the application of dispensing machine in the electronic controller industry the more widely.
The early development of electronic controller industry downturn and dispersed, only used in various production processes dependent dispersion, with the continuously rapid development of science and technology level, the application of the electronic controller is more extensive, enhance the level of technology required to make electronic controller production more complex and heavy, so the technical difficulty and the cost is rising the application of the intelligent control system can not meet the requirements for the production of electronic controller is too high, the main MCU controller on the adhesion requirements on high, appear dispenserdesign completely solve the problem.
Dispensing machine is a commonly used to industrial production encapsulation equipment, used in the actual production is very wide, can enhance the various production line through the dispensing effect, in the production process of electronic controller in dispensing can execute high quality dispensing work, through the special glue precise control treatment work with SCM the electronic controller substrate firmly stick together, not drop the defective items.
Operators should pay attention to some common problems when dispensing the electronic controller by dispensing machine, including the selection and strength of glue and other related problems. We must consider the actual situation and avoid improper operation and affect the normal performance of the microcontroller.