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The development of the LED industry for the desktop automati

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As China's manufacturing industry has grown, for demand in a variety of related equipment, in recent years the popularity of intelligent lighting concept of the LED industry are paid much attention, the production process has also been improved, but production technology can not keep up with the production line of Led lead to low work efficiency, need to be equipped with a variety of auxiliary equipment in the the case in order to achieve high quality production, the commonly used equipment of desktop type automatic dispensing machine is led production line.
Desktop automatic glue dispenser
Desktop automatic dispensing machine has the advantages of small occupation, light weight, powerful function, can achieve a variety of flexible dispensing work as well as a variety of high precision dispensing work, this is the most in the production need to reach the basic requirements, ensure the consistency of objects and normal, since the point glue machine through the special configuration of the needle can be executed high repetitive array dispensing work, ensure the quality and efficiency of work, in most of the line will be equipped with automatic dispensing machine as packaging adhesive docking equipment.
Automatic glue dispenser
LED industry technology development change rapidly, the production process needs increase, will be responsible for the work of the LED lamp lighting dispensing LED lamp automatic dispensing machine in the production process, the light source of LED is mainly achieved by lighting fluorescent powder, however lighting fluorescent powder is a kind of special material most point glue machine cannot be used after. The further improvement of manufacturers, automatic dispensing function using LED as fluorescent powder dispensing materials, making intelligent LED lamp production line can ensure high quality production work.
Desktop automatic glue dispenser
Nowadays, the production concept of Led industry is not only satisfied with intelligent lighting production, but all kinds of high-tech and automatic LED lamps have launched the market. The use of high efficiency multi-function desktop automatic dispensing machine will be conducive to further development of LED industry.