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A brief introduction to the automatic three axis glue dispen

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At present, China's industrial output has been first in the world, this is caused by the application of automation technology and the introduction of the benefits of automation technology can help manufacturers improve work efficiency, three axis automatic dispensing machine is a new kind of dispensing equipment, through the arm flexible work can hold different path for dispensing, down will do a simple introduction of the dispensing equipment.
The integrated design of three axis automatic dispensing machine, can realize the different needs of various automatic dispensing, dispensing valve configuration, can accurately control the quantity of cement, so after dispensing products both in practical aspect or appearance will rise a class, requirements for operators is relatively low, you can manually the operation shows unique configuration change teaching box parameters, operators only need to work for the dispensing and transfer of finished products.
Usually these common problems are epoxy glue leakage does not occur, this is because the amount of glue dispensing machine has automatic precise control, dispensing manipulator is used in three axis dispensing mode, the XYZ can perform various automatic dispensing work, not only accurate and uniform path to connect the effect, on the utilization rate of materials very high, can help consumers achieve high efficiency of dispensing work.
Three axis automatic dispensing dispensing machine is mainly used in intelligent lighting industry, intelligent production line is very high, the workload and work quality demand is gradually extended, intelligent lighting production requirements to ensure the normal use of the product and high consistency, high efficiency to achieve automatic production by three axis dispensing machine, can to ensure the consistency of the high yield and quality of the glue dispensing, can meet most of the work of production line needs, is a modern production equipment dispensing work.