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The characteristics of the pressure bucket in the desktop au

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The pressure barrel is composed of various valves and the inner barrel, the pneumatic device adjusts to glue, glue can make the fluid in the best uniform working condition, desktop automatic dispensing machine can perform more advanced spray work by adding glue head, so it can be used as a pressure barrel automatic dispensing work very good, that pressure barrel below will make a simple narrative.
The mixing pressure drum of dispensing machine is mainly responsible for the transmission and mixing of fluid, etc. it is applied to all kinds of dot glue butting. The effect is very good. Of course, it can also do some automatic dispensing for some special production lines.
With the addition of pressure regulating valve, the stability of dispensing glue flow can be well controlled, and glue can flow normally through air pressure, and then glue it to the target position. Some of the more complex production line needs multicolor dispensing embellishment appearance, although the realization of the function of automatic dispensing glue dispensing multicolor work, however, may be because the color affect appearance and integrity in the dispensing work, the use of pressure barrel can well solve the problem of color difference when the desktop automatic dispensing machine multicolor dispensing.
To ensure the stability of normal pressure loading bucket work automatic dispensing machine, so in the installation process to check whether the pressure screw lid has been locked, safety pressure valve and to choose good quality without blemish and without leakage, selected material pressure barrel according to the actual needs of decision, made general choice of stainless steel barrel pressure dispensing, stainless steel pressure bucket to maintain the best work in the long-term work desktop automatic dispensing machine, and can withstand the corrosion of the glue without damage, the effect is more practical.