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Cleaning method for automatic dispensing machine for cabinet

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Dispensing equipment floor area is relatively large, cabinet type automatic dispensing machine is used to create a floor type structure, work station and super automatic dispensing work system which has more competitive advantage in similar products, once used in various work in the production line, the process of cleaning cabinet automatic dispensing machine is very important. Proper cleaning, dispensing work can help manufacturers to better implement, divided into large and small cleaning cleaning.
In fact, more inclined to small cleaning equipment maintenance work, as part of the dispensing cabinet is large, need more effort in cleaning, often of dispensing equipment for small amplitude cleaning can reduce the cost and time required for cleaning, dust and other foreign bodies will specifically smoothly wipe in automatic dispensing after use a clean cloth, and then ensure related accessories can be used normally, better effect of dust using air gun to remove some of the dispensing machine, automatic dispensing device is not durable, should pay attention to in the small range of maintenance, use of lubricating oil can improve the cabinet automatic dispensing machine's working life, but also play a certain role of cleaning.
Large cleaning work need to process more complex, if the cabinet is equipped with automatic dispensing machine cleaning cleaning device will be more simple and direct import equipment cleaning agent can, if you do not have the automatic cleaning device to carry out manual cleaning work, higher requirements of manual cleaning, in addition to not affect the normal circuit also can affect all vulnerable parts, so as to avoid the choice of cleaning agent high stimulation.
After the cleaning is finished, the cabinet dispensers are cleaned and dried with clean water. After cleaning, the dispensing effect can not be maximized when used for the first time. After a period of time, the problem can be solved.