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What are the features of the visual automatic glue dispenser

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The dispensing machine development time has been a long time, it is still popular on the market of the equipment are has some unique features, the reason is that it can be popular in the market, there is no Taiwan dispensing machine is no visual features, automatic dispensing machine is no exception.
Each automatic dispensing machine is its outstanding production, for example: the speed is high speed dispensing machine, compare the production of other dispensing machine is fast, because now the production of any products need speed, so companies are buying equipment according to the characteristics of visual dispensing machine because it is also has the characteristics of big role have such a position in the market and sales ability.
The characteristic of this dispensing class is the visual system. The general dispensing machine does not recognize and locate the product according to the visual system and the advantages of the visual system. This is the characteristics of the visual dispensing machine. When producing electronic devices, it can't be checked manually because of the high output. Only machine checking is needed. Therefore, it is necessary to select high-quality products according to the visual system as a checking device.
It is used as the main mode of production automation, the use of glue machine can not be real-time monitoring operation, automatic dispensing machine has a drawback is that the production time is long, the Z axis will appear automatically shift problems if there is a problem can not be timely development of the visual system is such a function, can identify the dispensing position, and then precision dispensing, thus reducing a lot of bad product production.
The most important feature of visual automatic dispensing machine is the application of vision system, which not only solves the problems of mechanical arm, but also solves the problem of dispensing in production.