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Common problems and solutions of visual automatic glue dispe

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The automatic dispensing machine is the first automatic point equipment. It has been in a long history from the beginning to the present time. The basic dispensing problem has many ways to solve, and the problem of dispensing machine can be done well, as long as it is not a big problem. The same is the same with the visual automatic glue dispenser, and this device is more simple than the automatic glue dispenser.
Because in the original automatic dispensing machine, increase the visual positioning system, this system is more powerful, but there are many functions and applications, the use of this system can help reduce the appearance of automatic dispensing machine, glue machine after used for a period of time, the Z axis will appear automatically shift, after using the visual system there will be such a problem.
Of course, visual automatic dispensing machine will not only add a single system, but also need a lot of accessories to assist. After using the vision system, the dispensing machine will be able to locate the product. If there is a problem in the Z axis, the visual system will automatically locate the location of the glue by scanning, so there is no problem of automatic shift of the Z axis.
There will be a general problem of wire drawing, glue, glue leakage uneven, these are common problems, common problems all have a better solution, as long as these methods can solve these problems, but for some major problems, you need to find professional maintenance, in order to reduce the visual automatic dispensing probability problems.
Visual automatic dispensing machine has developed many generations have a lot of good dispensing technology, basically not have any problems, so the visual automatic dispensing machine is a good equipment, but often need to do mechanical maintenance, so as to ensure the long-term operation of automatic dispensing machine vision.