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Unevenness of large automatic glue dispenser

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Now the dispensing machine industry basically is the use of automatic dispensing machine for dispensing equipment, with the development of the economy gradually began to realize the automatic production of rubber industry will not drag the social development pace, automatic production mode almost now, as long as a small production enterprises without the use of automatic dispensing machine production, it is the relationship with the industry, in fact with the use of large automatic dispensing machine is the same.
Large automatic dispensing machine functions, but not necessarily to how an industry than some small range of dispensing, and dispensing applications, this is the reason with it itself has a great relationship, because of the large dispensing needs of the production cost more, so the purchase price is also more expensive. Is the main reason.
Use time long dispensing machine appears uneven rubber will be out of the question, generally appear uneven are caused because the bubble, in the replacement of rubber when can air into the glue, which can form a bubble, and the pressure is very different from that in plastic bubble in water will form a small space, the bubble will not move, so the large automatic glue dispensing will appear uneven.
This is the most common cause of glue uneven problems, but also have a better solution, because the most common, so there are more methods to solve large scale, automatic dispenser dispensing appears uneven, as long as there are two places are more likely to be influenced by it, hose and rubber cylinder, both are possible there are also different, the way to deal with, the first problem is the vacuum hose, you pull away, if the glue cylinder can use centrifugal force, high-speed stirring glue, so that you can pull away the glue in the air.