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Matters needing attention when the Longmen type automatic gl

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In a variety of dispensing equipment, Longmen type automatic dispensing machine belongs to a special dispensing equipment, which is used in Longmen as a mobile manipulator frame rail dispensing, dispensing with the characteristics of flexible work, planar super the one-way dispensing efficiency is very high, the use of this dispenser for dispensing to pay attention to some problems.
Because the plane Longmen type automatic dispensing machine is wide and covers an area of large, so the dispensing equipment requirements of the working environment is very high, in order to make the work platform to achieve a clean clean degree, and to ensure that the dispenser around without too much stuff and affect the normal work before dispensing, dispensing work began to check Longmen the guide rail and dispensing manipulator whether lubrication of the standard. Longmen automatic dispensing machine requires high working intensity, so the requirement for working voltage is relatively high. It usually needs to stabilize at 220V or so.
In general, the purchase of Longmen type automatic dispensing machine of consumer demand is higher, so before the automatic dispensing accessories must choose a suitable, the best choice of stainless steel needles needles durable, in order to make the work more stable dispensing, the best choice of electric automatic dispensing valve instead of pneumatic automatic dispensing valve, pneumatic automatic dispensing valve although has the advantages of simple structure and low cost, but the pressure of demand is higher, if the pressure supply instability will affect the point of rubber valve works, resulting in leakage or sometimes dispensing is the reason for the deviation.
At present, Longmen automatic dispensing machine is widely applied in large production lines, and the advantages of large work plane and efficiency make it a necessary dispensing equipment for manufacturers.