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Why the spray automatic dispenser is blocked

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The most common dispenser issues of general drawing, blockage, leakage glue, now the technology has been in development, injection type automatic dispensing machine is a new type of dispensing equipment, this machine has the features of dispensing is capable of non-contact dispensing, using pressure glue injection to the dispensing position, it is the simple add an injection valve, the use of this valve can solve the leakage problem of rubber and wire drawing.
Jam is the basic dispensing machine will be such a problem, the new injection type automatic dispensing machine also exist such problems, this problem is difficult to solve a, actually dispensing machine can do some basic requirements will not be a problem, if not in accordance with the requirements, it will point the glue machine far continuously, is to give up this dispenser finally wait.
Jet type automatic dispensing machine as a new type of equipment in dispensing also a superb technology, need to do maintenance work, or blockage of glue injection valve basically scrapped, and the injection valve is expensive, every production costs need to replace the injection valve, so that enterprises will be relatively high.
The dispenser is blocked, there is generally no cleaning and removal of residual glue in glue, so as to prevent the jet type automatic dispensing machine plug, to prevent clogging is to do daily cleaning tasks, can separate injection valve, can be carried out on the whole jet automatic dispensing machine.
Generally, such problems are not done well in the enterprise's maintenance and maintenance. Many of the dispensing problems are often due to the lack of operation and maintenance, which will lead to problems, which is not much related to the spray dispenser.