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The domestic manufacturer's injection type glue dispenser is

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In order to know the domestic dispensing machine is easy to use, we must start from the market, because the market is widely used, so you can also know the dispensing function is relatively easy to use, there are many companies using the dispensing machine is a kind of affirmation to it, otherwise it will not have a choice of enterprises no use of dispensing equipment, so it can be understood from many aspects of high speed jet dispensing machine is easy to use.
First, from parts of the beginning, high speed jet dispensing machine is equipped with LCD touch screen, Windows 7 system, dispensing positioning system, stepper motor and so on, these are the top parts of the dispensing machine industry, can complete the automatic production mode, do not need a single jet dispensing machine for automatic control, can it is time to reduce, so using jet dispensing machine.
Second, analysis of the mode of production, the ordinary dispensing machine is the application of contact dispensing machine for production, and high speed jet dispensing machine is the use of non-contact dispensing dispensing mode, will not touch the product, so it will not happen, damaged parts drawing and rework and other conditions, can be a one-time completion of production requirements. It is said that the jet type high speed glue dispenser is used well.
Third, analysis of the production efficiency, application of dispensing machine in addition to production quality, the most attention is the production speed, it is with the enterprise profit rate has a great relationship, but also can effectively enhance the enterprise competitive market, excellent and fast mode of production can be the first to win the market in the opponent, increasing production mode. So the jet type high speed glue machine is still a better use of the glue equipment.
I can recommend the jet type dispenser developed by the Shenzhen Chinese System Automation Co., Ltd. for the selection and purchase of the injection molding machine.