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What are the advantages of using a spray jetting machine

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With the continuous improvement of the precision and the demand for the adhesive speed of the glue, the new injection molding technology is more and more used in the production of the glue. The application of spray dot glue technology in the glue dispenser is the development and improvement of the cross century technology. Not only the speed of dispensing has been greatly improved compared with the traditional dispensing, but also in terms of accuracy control, ejector technology has a significant advantage over traditional dispensing equipment. So what are the attention to the operation of this type of spray automatic dispenser?
Dispensing machine and dispensing equipment using automatic injection technology is also known as non-contact dispensing equipment, which is the most common dispensing equipment for jet technology application. Mainly for a large number of glue, glue, precision glue products. The use of jet technology has promoted the automatic dispensing machine, and left the past three axis dispensers moving up and down to complete the dispensing way. Instead, it adopted the automatic non-contact dispensing mode, so it ensured the accuracy of dispensing.
The use of spray technology makes the stability of the automatic dispenser and the machine improved better. The traditional three axis dispensing, meet the needs of the Z axis to stop moving up and down to complete the non-contact dispensing machine is prevented and the formation of the Z axis shaking machine vibration, good to reduce the stop condition between each drop, Tu, point.
Quick glue speed is the main reason for the use of spray type dispenser in precision production. In order to improve the speed of the glue and the time of the glue, the maximum speed of the injection molding machine can reach 120mg/s. And at the speed of the glue, it has reached an amazing speed of 200 /s. In order to facilitate the user to work on the equipment, the design is more humanized and intelligent in the design of the operation.