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What's the problem to be paid attention to in the use of jet

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Jet dispensing machine is mainly for those complicated, especially high precision requirement of dispensing dispensing manufacturing, such as wire bonding, chip packaging and so on. So the electronic industry injection automatic dispensing machine to produce industry? In the use of jet dispensing machine need to pay attention to the problem where? Following on from the small business to give you a simple user about the use of the process should pay attention to where the problem?
Use spray automatic dispensing machine production friends all know, in all kinds of metal surface processing equipment, processing, transportation and storage process, often occurred in the case of oxidation, usually oxidation layer of a layer of uneven thickness. Often the problem arises here, because the surface of the metal oxide, oxide layer the relatively thick, so in the use of spray need certain processing dispenser to electronic product dispensing process?
If it is above this situation, it can not be directly used for solvent cleaning or chemical treatment, is the best way to mechanical treatment. After metal surface treatment has higher activity, but also easy to again by dust or moisture contamination. So, after the metal surface treatment as soon as possible the use of spray automatic dispensing machine complete dispensing operation, general injection automatic dispensing machine programming program, can complete the automatic dispensing work, can work all day long, the efficiency of a dispensing device is equivalent to a 5-6 manual dispensing operation.
Spray type automatic glue dispenser
Now some electronic industries also use manual to do dispensing operations. Such operations are not only slow in dispensing efficiency, poor quality, but also will increase a lot of production costs. Using jet automatic dispensing machine can make production efficiency more efficient and products more beautiful and neat.