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The difference between the non punctuation machine and the s

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Non standard equipment refers to the design and manufacture of the products according to the needs of the industry, there is a big difference in the appearance of the product and function and industry standards, and standard equipment is mainly used in general industry, to dispensing equipment as an example, the non punctuation glue machine style very much, most of them are based on industry to improve the standard the dispensing machine is suitable for a broader range than the punctuation glue machine, dispensing equipment so that the two types of how much difference?
Set the related parameters and functions of standard dispensing are in conformity with the provisions of the industry manufacture, dispensing equipment standard is mainly to axis number, position, number of distinguished dispensing head, market dispensing function more comprehensive are the common style of three axis dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine, this kind of standard dispensing equipment industry general, can be put into use in most industries, but the standard dispenser is more oriented to the comprehensive enforcement, proficient in industry, some of the more complex parts difficult to fully carry out the dispensing work, this is the inadequacy of standard dispenser.
Non punctuation glue machine put into use has several benefits for industry production, enforcement of non punctuation glue machine than the standard dispensing machine in industry in has a higher, more smooth and efficient dispensing can effectively shorten the dispensing time, users can meet the demand of high point glue, and targeted industry the configuration will effectively enhance the production efficiency and product quality, greatly shorten the delivery cycle, and can effectively reduce the non punctuation glue dispensing work costs, create higher production efficiency for consumers.
The online dispensing machine is a non-standard customized dispensing equipment. The non-contact dispensing way can greatly improve the dispensing quality and the dispensing efficiency, and it will improve the quality of production by customizing the online dispensing machine.