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Do each industry have a fixed dispensing equipment?

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The glue machine is adhesive packaging equipment commonly used in manufacturing industry, most of the industry needs to improve the quality of products through the dispensing process, for different industries have different targeted dispensing equipment, such as mobile phone package with jet dispensing machine, using LED precision dispensing machines and other production lighting, so in the industry mostly with glue fixed equipment.
In the mobile phone package, high precision jet dispensing machine is a necessity of dispensing equipment, mobile phone screen bonding effect determines the practicability, so the performance of dispensing equipment requires high precision application of high jet dispensing machine to make the mobile phone screen to complete the connection in mobile phone shell, jet dispensing the function of the glue mist was evenly distributed in the adhesive, glue evenly distributed to the mobile phone screen bonding is more comprehensive and effective, long-term use will not be out of a bad phenomenon, high precision jet dispensing machine to provide important help to the mobile phone manufacturers.
In the lighting industry, the majority of LED bulb dispensing work by manual dispensing of manual dispensing, not only to meet the mass production work, and can not guarantee the consistency of the efficiency of the bulk dispensing demand, bulb dispenser is designed specifically for LED bulb point glue device, a material placing groove at the same time can put a bulb bulk dispensing work, circular turntable design will automatically turn to the next goal at the end point of a bulb, reduces the loading and unloading of the frequency is reduced to a certain extent dispensing time, meet the needs of the user to complete more work.
There will be a market if there is demand. In addition to the mobile phone industry and lighting industry, there are various kinds of dispensing equipment in other production areas to meet the needs of different industries.