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How about the choice of contact and non contact glue dispens

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With the production process of intelligent mobile phone more and more complicated, the contact button has been gradually withdraw from the stage of history, instead of the mobile phone LCD fully occupied as the main function of display and operation of the production process, so the mobile phone screen to determine the overall value and the quality of the body, mobile phone screen package can perform contact dispensing can also be accomplished through non contact methods, specific application should choose what kind of glue?
Contact dispensing is the most used dispensing machine work, through the dispensing needle alignment path filling glue coating, glue can be evenly coated in the set path, most work is realized by bonding contact methods, although can be applied to screen packaging work, but easy to contact the dispensing process for dispensing the needle and scratching the surface of the screen.
The non-contact dispensing machine has more advantages in the mobile phone packaging work, spraying advanced technology can be uniformly without error distribution in the mobile phone screen will glue adhesive dispensing work, comprehensive implementation, and the use of glue supplies rate reached maximum, can meet the demand of high quality production in different industries, and from to eliminate the root of glue drawing problem, can effectively improve the quality of the effect of mobile phone package.
The non-contact dispensing equipment jet dispensing machine belongs to a high performance, most industries for jet dispensing glue coating machine to complete the work, support is equipped with a variety of dispensing work needs parts, using high precision injection metering valve, used in screen package could improve the glue coating effect, so the effect will be mobile phone package jet dispensing machine upgrade.