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The minimum precision and speed requirements of the mobile p

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China is a populous country, no matter which industry market demand will be more and more high, the emergence of intelligent mobile phone brings great convenience for people, so the production and demand of mobile phone market is directly proportional to the phenomenon of dispenser with mobile phone package injection effect is the best, because the jet dispensing can meet the precision and efficiency of mobile phone industry.
Jet dispensing and contact dispensing machine common are very different, dispensing machine plays a very important role in the process of mobile phone chip package injection, through the injection valve can be treated as special glue spray evenly sprayed, applied to the chip package can ensure uniform glue coating comprehensive. And not because the needles and affect the normal use of the chip, the non-contact dispensing avoids drawing leakage glue and other adverse problems fundamentally, to provide practical and longer service life for mobile phone chip.
Because the mobile phone packages need to ensure a very high precision, so the jet dispensing machine with metering glue, the operator can according to the actual needs of the demonstrator of parameter modification, the minimum jet dispensing glue quantity to achieve high precision 0.01ML, and without moving the Z axis dispensing a save the glue point degree of time consuming, can meet the high demand of mobile phone chip package.
Jet dispensing machine in addition to the mobile phone chip package is applied to the outside, on the screen is actually suitable for dispensing, coating spraying path through high quality, better adhesion area more effect, long-term use will not occur off the welding pieces out, has an irreplaceable important role in the production of mobile phone.